Car modification

Car Modifications

If your home is your castle, your car is your trusted steed. Whether you see it as a workhorse, a warhorse, or even a sleek, chic racehorse, you want it to look and perform its best. Choosing the right car for your needs, budget, and lifestyle is the best place to start. However, as you become more aware of its quirks and character, you might find yourself eyeing up car accessories to change its appearance or capabilities. If you are considering a car modification, you've come to the right place. Here's our guide to the best practical and aesthetic adjustments you can make to your motor.

Practical Car modifications

While interior dome lighting and snazzy car wraps might seem like a great idea, there are some purely practical accessories that no proper petrol-head should overlook:

  • Tyres. While they might not seem the most exciting car modification Dubai auto centers offer, they can be the most important. Those rubber rings have a direct impact on the way your car handles the road, from braking and steering to traction and acceleration. Throw into the mix UAE's blistering summers, and tyres that aren't up to the job or temperature-resistant can very quickly become a safety hazard. Don't skimp on your tyres, get the best you can afford.
  • Under the hood. If you're looking to upgrade the way your car performs, you'll find some superb car accessories that won't break the bank. To improve your fuel efficiency and give your vehicle a little more 'oomph' when it's needed, replace your standard spark plugs with their iridium or platinum-tipped counterparts. Similarly, give those new spark plugs a bit of extra support by replacing your paper air filters with the washable, reusable cotton variety.
  • Anti-roll with it. If you're something of an off-roader or you like to kick up some dust on the UAE's open roads, adding anti-roll bars to your suspension can be a superb way to improve how your car handles. These help prevent the bodywork from leaning as you take corners and evenly distribute your car’s weight over all four tyres.
  • Aesthetic upgrades

    There are few better feelings than knowing your car is looking its best and grabbing attention as you drive it. If you want to give your car an aesthetic upgrade, then here are three car accessories worth considering:

  • Stick ‘em up. Decals are a quick and cost-effective way to help your car stand out from the crowd. Whether you favour hippy-style flowers or something more impactful, professionally-applied car decals can give your vehicle that extra edge.
  • Wheel rims. The glitter of new wheel rims is an eye-catching car modification that allows you to make a bold statement. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, you can give your motor some sleek, visual appeal.
  • Wrapping things up. Wraps are different from decals in that they cover more of the car (sometimes the whole thing!). Add little pops of colour by wrapping the wing mirrors, or make a statement with a roof wrap that gives your car that on-trend two-tone effect. The best bit? If you change your mind, it’s quick and easy to remove a wrap, especially if you want to sell your car or would prefer to return it to its original condition.
  • All car accessories are best fitted by a professional. If you're considering car modification, call in to your local Al-Futtaim FASTFIT service center and discuss the possibilities with our experienced service advisors.

    *Before proceeding with any vehicle modification, please obtain the appropriate permits from the relevant Road and Transport authorities within your Emirate.