The best car paint protection

The Best Car Paint Protection

The majority of car owners are aware of the need to keep things in order in their vehicle’s interior. From changing the oil to cleaning the upholstery, keeping an eye on what goes on inside the car can have a positive impact on everything from the way it drives to its overall layers of comfort. But what about the exterior?

Your car’s paint is the last layer of defence against scrapes, scratches, and the elements. Tree sap, bird droppings, and even UV rays can have an adverse effect on the way your car looks. However, it’s much more than just appearance: allowing your car paint to become compromised can lead to rust, which can start to eat into your wallet as well as your bodywork.

There are plenty of car paint protection products on the market, but which is the best?

How your car paint is compromised

To work out which is the best automotive paint protection, we need to look at what happens to paint under certain circumstances. When it comes to superficial damage such as a scratch, it seems pretty obvious. However, there are long term consequences to even a minor abrasion. The scratch disrupts the paint molecules and allows harmful substances, and in particular moisture, closer to the metal. If the paint starts to oxidize as the result of being exposed to the elements, this leads to rust.

Simple exposure to moisture isn’t the car owner’s only enemy. Tree sap and bird droppings both contain acidic compounds that react with the car paint to set the same process in motion. Even the UV rays produced by the sun can weaken the molecules in auto paint, making oxidization far more likely. You might start to notice your paint looking dull as the top lacquer coat begins to deteriorate, or, in the worst cases, the paint can start to crack and flake off.

Car paint protection is an effective way of keeping your car looking its best. In addition, a protective car coating can make your car less susceptible to environmental hazards and easier to clean. If you’re looking further down the line towards the day you might sell it on or trade it in, it’s worth remembering that your car’s paint job conveys that all-important first impression, and can make a big difference on the financial return you get on your car.

The best car protection

At Al Futtaim Auto Center, we make it our business to work on every aspect of a car, from maintaining the engine to using effective car paint protection systems. We’ve narrowed it down to two types of protective car coating: ceramic and nano. Which is best for you?

Ceramic car paint protection

Containing a liquid polymer, ceramic car paint protection is a clear coating that creates a chemical bond with your car’s paintwork. It defends against scratches, abrasions, and acidic compounds. Dirt and dust are easy to wipe off and won’t leave any microscopic scratches on the paint’s surface. If applied professionally, ceramic car paint protection can last a lifetime.

Nano car paint protection

Only slightly different to ceramic paint protection, nano car paint protection is something of a recent breakthrough. As its name suggests, the particles in this automotive paint protector are much smaller than those found in other products. This allows them to penetrate to a much deeper level within the paintwork rather than merely coating the surface. The result is a barrier with virtually no gaps for any environmental hazards to penetrate. In addition, nano car paint protection provides an effective shield against the harmful elements of the sun’s UV rays.

For the best results, be sure to take your car to a professional car paint shop. At Al Futtaim Fastfit Centers, we have the equipment, experience, and expertise to ensure that your car paint looks its best for years to come. To discuss your needs, drop into Al Futtaim Auto Center and chat with our friendly staff to find out more about car paint protection