Prepare your car for summer

Prepare your Car For Summer

With temperatures hovering between 38°C and 42°C, summers in the UAE are notoriously unforgiving. For most of us, preparing for the heat is a matter of keeping hydrated, applying sunscreen, and keeping the air-con running. However, it’s not just people that the sunshine takes its toll on. Unless you prepare in advance, the rise in temperatures can have an adverse effect on your car. Let’s take a look at the four best things you can do to prepare your car for summer.

Check your battery

While they might moan in other countries about the effects of the cold on car batteries, the truth is that the heat can be a more formidable foe. Soaring temperatures can cause the fluid in a car battery to evaporate, resulting in breakdowns or complete failure. This evaporation can also lead to corrosion on the clamps and cables, which can be equally as impactive. As summer gets into its stride, get your battery tested and if necessary, replaced. After all, without your car battery, you’re not going anywhere.

Check your aircon

Aircon: the cooling lifeline that’s seen many a UAE residents through a long drive. However, if it hasn’t been used for a while, or has been used on every trip you’ve taken, your car ac system might not be functioning at its best. One of the most common causes of a car ac not cooling is a leak in the refrigerant fluid. A car ac service will identify this quickly and the coils will be replaced to set matters right.

Seals past their best and blocked-up filters are another common complaint. Car ac gas filling is a great way to ensure that your car ac system delivers the cool air that’s so welcome in the summer heat. Before you Google ‘car aircon gas refill near me.’ Or check out your nearest Fastfit service centre and give us a call.

Tint your windows

Car ac gas filling might rectify the symptoms of the climbing temperatures, but getting your windows tinted is a great preventative measure. Metallic or ceramic tints will help to keep things cooler by around 50%. However, if you really want to keep things chilled while you’re driving, check out carbon tinted windows. With no metal to meddle with your car radio or mobile phones, these tints can block the rays that conduct heat with a success rate of around 91%.

Current UAE federal traffic laws permit window tints up to a rating of 50, so it’s a sound and practical investment. Used in conjunction with a car ac system, your car will soon become your favourite place in the heat of the summer.

Keep an eye on your tyres

While they won’t have much to do with keeping you cool, your car tyres are crucial to keeping you safe. It’s easy to forget that your tyres are constantly in contact with the road, which conducts heat straight into them. This can cause the air in your tyres to expand and the pressure to go up, increasing the risk of blowout. Check for cracking or bulging and to see just how worn your tyres are. If they’re looking past their best or they’re getting close to the wear markers, get them replaced. Always check your air pressure before a long trip. Not only will it keep you safer, but it’ll keep your fuel consumption down too.

Whether you need advice on car air conditioning repair or want our team to give your car a pre-summer once over, call into one of our FASTFIT service centres today.