How to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

How to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

Getting your bucket and sponge out or running your car through a carwash is one thing, but there’s much more to keeping your car in tip-top condition.

Whether your car is your pride and joy, or you want to keep it looking and running its best for resale, then you need to go a bit further than a wipe-down with a wet cloth every weekend. There are services available that will help to keep your car looking pristine and performing like it’s just come off the showroom floor. If you want to know how to keep your car looking brand new, as well as how to keep your car running like new, read on.

Car Care Services

You’re probably familiar with a standard car service, in which your car is inspected, and any problems professionally repaired, old or worn parts are replaced, and the overall performance of your car is assessed. However, a Car Care Service takes the process one step further.

In addition to giving your car’s internal workings a thorough examination, a Car Care Service includes tending to its cosmetic appearance - which can also have a positive impact on its performance. Typical services include having your headlights and bodywork polished, cleaning the upholstery, underbody coating, and even cleaning grease from the engine. While you might be capable of some of these, nothing really beats the professional touch.

Regular servicing

Cars aren’t just judged on their bodywork, particularly if they’re for sale. Regular vehicle maintenance can help identify small problems and prevent them from becoming bigger, costlier ones. It’s accepted wisdom that a car should be serviced once a year or once every 10,000km, depending on which comes first.

Well-maintained cars tend to fetch better prices than those that haven’t been looked after as carefully when it comes to selling them on. Regular vehicle maintenance also ensures that your car is safe to drive, whether you’re selling it on or not.

Air conditioning servicing

For those of us living in the UAE, car air conditioning has more value than it does in colder countries. The most common cause of faulty air conditioning is the compressor. This is responsible for keeping the refrigerant pressurised and ensures that cold air keeps flowing out of the vents. As a rule of thumb, parts such as your condenser and your compressor have a lifespan of around 8 to 10 years. However, you can make sure that they, along with the hoses, accumulator, expansion valves and evaporator, are working at their best by booking your car in for a car ac maintenance service. This is much more cost-effective than having to have the whole system repaired and, in most cases, parts that are showing signs of wear and tear can be quickly replaced before they fail completely.

Visit our auto repair centers

If you want expert advice on how to keep your car looking brand new or how to keep your car running like new, the teams at our auto repair centers are the people to go to. You can book your service online at any time and all from the comfort of your couch. Let Al-Futtaim Fastfit keep your car looking like new.