Car Service At Home Dubai

Car Service at Home Dubai - All you Need to Know about Mobile Service

While your car might offer convenience and adaptability, it's also one of the most significant investments you ever make, usually second only to your home. However, despite the way they might look and perform, all cars have the potential for problems. Whether you're too busy to find time for a car service, or you've woken up to discover that your tyres are flat, and you simply can’t get to a car service center, these are the moments when your car can become a problem.

However, all is not lost. Al-Futtaim Auto Centers offer a mobile service that'll have your car roadworthy in next to no time. To find out more about the quickest and easiest way to get your vehicle ready to roll, read on.

Tired tyres

The obvious benefit to using an Al-Futtaim mobile service van is that the service comes to you. This is particularly useful if your car won't start, or the tyres won't cope with the journey to an Al-Futtaim car service center. However, if your schedule won't allow the time, you can order your car repair service at the click of a mouse.

Punctures and past-their-sell-by tyres are among the most common reasons to call out an Al Futtaim mobile service van. Not only do expired or damaged tyres pose a significant safety risk to you and your passengers but driving with a tyre that's past its best is illegal. If you happen to get caught, you could be looking at a hefty fine, black points on your license, and even the possibility of having your vehicle impounded. On top of that, driving with a tyre in poor condition can put a strain on the engine and damage the structural integrity of the wheels.

Al-Futtaim mobile service vans are equipped with everything they need to repair punctures or, if required, fully replace tyres. That way, you can be legal and safe quickly and conveniently, without having to run the risk of driving to a repair shop.

Under pressure

Because Al-Futtaim mobile service vans are driven by trained technicians, they can also identify other problems. If your tyres are wearing out quicker than they should or unevenly, it might be time to have your wheel alignment checked. Armed with tyre balancers, our professional car service experts can ensure that your wheels are correctly aligned and balanced, helping you get more wear out of your rubbers. To ensure everything's in tip-top condition, they can also check your tyre pressure. The correct tyre pressure improves the way your car handles and helps to spread the vehicle’s weight evenly across the treads.

Feeling flat

However, while your car's tyres can be a stumbling block, the battery can present an even more significant obstacle. Even if your tyres are brand new, a flat battery means that you're not going anywhere. Again, this is where the Al-Futtaim mobile car service van is absolutely indispensable. Our professional staff can replace your battery quickly and efficiently rather than you having to fiddle about with jump-leads and hoping for the best. Not only will your car be mobile again, but you'll be safe in the knowledge that your new battery will last for years to come.

When cars go wrong, they can present considerable problems to our professional and private lives. Using the Al-Futtaim mobile car service, the solution to your situation is just a click away.