It’s all too easy to take your car tyres for granted. Many of us don’t give them a second thought until we get a puncture. However, it’s important not to underestimate just how vital your car tires are to your – and your car’s – health.

Not only do car tyres provide the traction necessary for acceleration and braking, but they also bear the load of the entire vehicle. They allow for safe change of direction, absorb shocks and can even impact the noise-levels inside your car. Forget the pistons and the pumps; your tyres are your car’s hardest-working components.

With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why buying the best tyre brand you can afford is so crucial. However, with hundreds of brands to choose from, trying to work which ones to spend your money on can be difficult. Here’s our guide to the best car tyre brands of 2021.


One of our top selling brands here at Al-Futtaim Auto Centers, Maxxis tyres have over 50 years’ manufacturing experience and a reputation for innovative development. With a wide range of all-season tyres available such as the Premitra AP3 and the HP5, they offer excellent all-round performance and outstanding traction at an affordable price. They’re a top quality tyre at a budget price.


Also known simply as BFG, this brand produces some of the toughest off-road tyres in the world. Capturing the spirit of adventure, their tyres are used by some of the world’s leading off-road racers for events such as the Paris/Dakar race, so you know they can cope with just about anything. BFG also produce a wide range of on/off road tyres suitable for use on 4x4 cars that spend as much time in the urban jungle as they do dune-bashing in the desert. The distinctive tread pattern works well in displacing water or mud while providing plenty of grip, even in the most challenging conditions. A worthwhile investment tyre if you own a 4x4 and enjoy weekend off-road adventures.

Toyo Tyres

Japanese manufacturer Toyo produces exceptional quality tyres for almost any vehicle you can name. Voted as Best Tyres for eight years in a row by American magazine ‘Tyre Review’, their range includes both budget, mid-range and premium tyres suitable for all types of car or van. Their Proxes Sport is hugely popular thanks to its exceptional steering performance and grip, while the Proxes CF2 delivers outstanding wet weather performance and optimised rolling resistance. Toyo are always pushing the boundaries of tyre development, and their NanoEnergy 3 is one of the most technologically advanced tyres on the road, providing exceptional rolling resistance that leads to reduced fuel consumption, making them an economical choice if you’re a daily commuter.


One of the world’s greatest tyre manufacturers, Michelin is renowned for the quality of their tyres, their handling and performance. With a racing pedigree and a history stretching back over 120 years, the Michelin name defines premium quality tyres. Everything from Formula1 racing cars to NASA’s space shuttle have used Michelin tyres, and today their range of road tyres is huge, providing everything from 4x4s to sedans with reliable, high-tech rubber. They may be a little more expensive than other brands, but the longer lifespan and reliability of Michelin Tyres makes them a firm favourite with our customers.

How Al-Futtaim FastFit can help

So, which ones do you choose? Using our online search filter, you can quickly work out which are the best car tyres for you. You can select from leading brands and cheap car tyres, to ensure that you get the best performance at the best price.

On top of that, we can even come and fit them for you. Our mobile van can come to a location of your choice and our professional and fully qualified technician will have your new tyres fitted in next to no time. Book online any time to arrange a visit from our mobile team or to book into one of our centers.