3 Reasons why should you clean your car AC

3 Reasons why should you clean your car AC

There is no question that in the UAE, air conditioning is an absolute essential. With summer temperatures regularly hitting the 40s°C in some regions, we couldn’t live in this incredible part of the world without our modern comforts, and AC is right at the top of the list. Not only are our buildings cooled, but we use it constantly in our cars, too.

It’s recommended that you regularly clean out your air conditioning every six months or so, depending on the level of use. So in the UAE, it’s definitely on the regular list of jobs-to-do. Cleaning the AC unit can be quite an involved job, so if you’re not a keen mechanic it’s best to hand it over to a professional, who will be able to get it done properly.

At FastFit, we specialise in those essential automotive jobs to keep your car running in tip-top condition, including car AC repairs and servicing. Simply type in ‘Car AC service near me’ and you’ll be able to find your local FastFit.

But why is it so important to keep your AC clean? Here are our top three reasons to book an AC service and clean today.

1. It needs to be clean to work properly

The cleaner your AC unit, the more efficiently it will work to pump cold air around the cabin when the outside temperature starts to climb. It is particularly important to make sure that filters are regularly cleaned and changed as they act as traps to prevent dust (and in the UAE, sand) from being sucked through the system and into the cabin. Eventually, these filters will block up debris and potentially contaminate the system or get into delicate working parts within the AC pump and cause damage.

2. Keeping your fuel consumption down

If your AC unit is not working properly then it can also affect the fuel efficiency of your car. The unit draws its power from the engine and can decrease efficiency by up to 20% in some cars. The cleaner your AC unit, the more efficiently it works and the less energy it takes from the engine to run. So keeping those filters clean could actually be saving you money in petrol costs.

3. Prevent moisture and humidity to keep bacteria at bay

AC systems in cars produce moisture. Eventually, if this is allowed to accumulate throughout the system in filters and hoses then it allows the growth of mildew and bacteria to take hold. As soon as you turn the AC on, those mould spores will be blown straight into the cabin, creating a very unpleasant (and potentially harmful) environment for you and your passengers. You’ll notice an unpleasant smell if mould is growing within the system, which is a sure sign that the AC needs a thorough, top-to-bottom clean.

Stay on top of the cleaning routine with your AC unit and you’ll get cooler, fresher and healthier air every time you turn the switch, and you’ll keep your petrol consumption down too. All good reasons to book your car into your nearest FastFit service for a thorough AC clean today.