Ask the technician

With temperatures soaring in the UAE, our experts at Fast Fit share a few tips one should follow to keep their vehicles running in pristine condition during the summer months:

Engines get extremely hot in summer so make sure to keep the engine oil level topped up with the correct grade of oil and ensure the cooling system is regularly flushed.

Check tyres for cracks and general wear to prevent blowouts and keep them at the correct inflation level. Tyres expire after 5 years but this can be quicker in hot climates.

Air conditioning
Keep your A/C running efficiently by topping up the refrigerant and arranging an anti-bacterial clean.

The most important safety feature in your car! Have your brake lining checked by one of the expert technicians at FastFit.

Heat and vibration can lead to breakdowns and battery failure so if your battery is more than 3 years old, we recommend you have it tested at one of our FastFit facilities or have our convenient mobile van visit you at home.